Dekton Countertops

Dekton from Cosentino is available now at LA Moda Kitchens. Dekton takes the same high-quality quartz stone used in Cosentino’s Silestone brand and combines it with other substances to create a nearly invincible material that’s ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Dekton’s resistance to abrasion makes it ideal for countertops and high-temperature cooking applications. Just as important, it can stand up to the elements better than any other material. Specifically, it boasts UV resistant properties so it will not fade due to constant excessive sunlight, even after years of exposure. Its low porosity makes it resistant to staining and scratches from utensils.

Made in Spain, the proprietary blend of quartz stone, glass, and porcelain also comes in over 40 beautiful colors. Dekton is also available in large format slabs of several degrees of thickness that allow for further customization. Whether you want to build perfect countertops for an outdoor patio or an elegant yet fully functional kitchen or bathroom, Dekton at LA Moda Kitchens is the best choice. Between our designers and your vision, we can come up with a design that will beautifully complement any indoor or outdoor design.

For more information on Dekton and how it be used in your home, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your future home renovations.